Mal Wood

Mal brings a pragmatic and confident approach to all aspects of project realisation, having worked in the fine art casting industry for more than twenty years. He completed his degree in Visual Arts majoring in Sculpture at Ballarat University where he developed a passion for lost wax casting. In 1998 he co-founded Coates and Wood and for the past sixteen years has produced artwork for many of Australia's prominent artists. As a sculptor himself, Mal has an innate sense of respect and understanding towards fellow artists. This is reflected in the personal pride he takes in the realisation of their work.

Mould Making

A diverse range of materials can be used in creating sculpture. With that in mind, each work is assessed to determine the style of mould appropriate for accurate translation into bronze or aluminium. There are no limitations on size or surface detail and we are happy to mould on site or at our foundry.


This is a chemical process used to colour the finished metal surface. Heat is often used to create a molecular reaction, allowing for a multitude of unique finishes. Consulting closely with the artist, we establish the envisaged colouring effect through the application of a variety of chemicals. Alternatively, a piece may also be polished, plated, lacquered or painted.

Lost Wax Casting

Also known as cire-perdue this casting method has it’s origins in the third millennium BC. It involves the creation of a heat resistant mould around a wax model which is in turn melted and drained. The resulting cavity within the mould is filled with molten metal. The mould is then destroyed to reveal the casting before the 'chasing' process removes any features inconsistent with the original model. This technique allows highly accurate retention of surface detail and creates objects with a historically proven longevity.

Installation and Maintenance

We are happy to carry out the installation of your sculpture anywhere in Australia. It is recommended that outdoor works are rewaxed yearly to maintain the patina finish unless the artist prefers to let the sculpture age naturally according to its environment.